Transparent Machine Learning–altair Knowledge Studio

Transparent Machine Learning–altair Knowledge Studio

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Who Benefits from Knowledge Studio?

Analysts might not be conversant in modeling
or ML processes, but they will quickly uncover
insights to assist solve complicated problems.
Data scientists can fine tune model parameters
and attributes for models of any complexity.

What is Knowledge Studio?

Knowledge Studio is understood for its no code
ease of use modeling approach and its market
leading, patented decision trees and strategy
trees. An interactive and intuitive interface
allows users to quickly hook up with a good
range of knowledge sources, transform disparate
data formats into usable datasets, and generate
insights by employing a wide selection of modeling
techniques and algorithms.

Why Knowledge Studio?

1) No Code Machine Learning Modeling

Transparent Machine Learning–altair Knowledge Studio

An interactive and intuitive interface allows
users of various skill sets to quickly connect
to a good range of knowledge sources, transform
disparate data formats into usable datasets,
and generate insights by employing a wide selection
of modeling techniques and algorithms, from
decision trees to regression models to deep
learning (neural networks).

2) Responsible, Explainable AI

Explainable AI in Knowledge Studio visually
details about how a model is configured and
what the model’s results mean. Combined with
AutoML, responsible AI is achieved. Knowing
how and why a prediction was made up of
a ML model, you’ll be confident in making
decisions from your data.

3) Predictive to Prescriptive Analytics

Knowledge Studio’s patented strategy trees
combines your knowledge of the business
with predictive modeling results, allowing you
to prescribe treatments to different segments
of your customer bases. Optimize strategies
and campaigns by scoring the impact of
controllable change to multiple scenarios.
Maximize the ROI you’re trying to find as you
drive towards new business opportunities.

Transparent Machine Learning–altair Knowledge Studio

Transparent Machine Learning–altair Knowledge Studio

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Explainable AI
Automated Machine Learning
Designed for several skill levels


Operationalize your machine learning without
introducing risk in deciding because
of lack of model transparency. Knowledge
Studio automates machine learning tasks and
delivers explainable AI so users are often
confdent in making decisions from data.
Explainable AI displays the fne details of a
model’s confguration so you’ll better
understand how the prediction was made –
even for black-box models.

Knowledge Studio Features

1) Automated Machine Learning

Transparent Machine Learning–altair Knowledge Studio

Automate data preparation, model building,
and model comparison using AutoML.
The pre-configured design uses modeling
best practices, taking the guess compute
of modeling. Control over model configuration
is not compromised in order that you’ll tweak
model configurations, tune model performance,
and generate leads to minutes.

2) Efficient Modeling

Sometimes modeling requires the manual
touch. Create predictive models and generate
deployment code employing a single workflow.
80+ preconfigured wizard-based nodes
facilitate analysts building models but are
flexible to suit the wants data scientists.
Share insight together with your BI tools of choice or
export models to decision engines, databases,
or real-time scoring systems.

3) Use the Models you would like

Profile and segment data before building
a model. Visually understand what your
data includes before using AutoML or building
a model from scratch. Choose your preferred
machine learning algorithms including
regression models, cluster analysis, bagging
and boosting, neural networks, scorecards,
and other model types. Evaluate models using
Lift Charts, ROC Curves, K-S Chart, Profit
Chart, Confusion Matrices, and more. Move
from predictive to prescriptive analytics using
optimization to deploy model predictions under
realistic business constraints.

4) Avoid Coding Errors

Transparent Machine Learning–altair Knowledge Studio

Generate model code in Python, R, SAS, SQL,
PMML, and other programming languages with
a simple click of the mouse. Write and execute
R and Python code within Knowledge Studio
workflows. Accelerate model building and
deployment. Integrate with R, Python and other
programming languages. Leverage previously
written code to save lots of time and future effort.

5) Built to unravel Business Problems

Transparent Machine Learning–altair Knowledge Studio

Knowledge Studio may be a perfect fit help
manage credit and fraud risk, marketing
analytics, product lifecycle design,
customer loyalty programs, and provide
chains. From healthcare to financial services,
telecommunications to product warranty
claims, Knowledge Studio enables analytics
teams to realize useful, actionable insight from
their data.

6) Designed for All Skill Sets

Transparent Machine Learning–altair Knowledge Studio

Knowledge Studio is meant to
enable collaboration across the business.
Data scientists and business analysts can
complete complex projects in minutes or
hours, not weeks or months. Results are
easily understood and explained.

Related Data Analytic Solutions from Altair

Altair Knowledge Works™ enables people
of different skill sets to simply build analytical
applications, or augment analytics into existing
applications to form better decisions.

7) Data Preparation

Altair’s desktop and browser-based solutions
offer a collaborative workspace for users
to share add a governed, secured
environment while tracing every step made
during the transformation process. Automate
data transformation tasks and pass trusted,
accurate datasets to Altair’s Machine Learning
solutions to unravel for complex problems.
Learn more about Data Preparation

8) Big Data Analytics

Transparent Machine Learning–altair Knowledge Studio

Altair’s advanced analytics software on
the Apache Spark framework provides
businesses with unprecedented analytics
and processing capabilities that
overcome challenges encountered with Big
Data access and insight discovery. An intuitive
and interactive experience means users can
transform and analyze billions of datapoints
in a manner of minutes, resulting in quicker
and more informed decisions.
Learn more about Big Data Analytics

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9) Data Visualization and Stream Processing

Altair Panopticon lets the people closest to the
action build, modify, and deploy sophisticated
streaming analytics and data visualization
applications without having to code. They can
connect to virtually any data source, including
real-time streaming feeds and statistic
databases, develop complex stream processing
programs, and style visual user interfaces that
give them the perspectives they have to form
insightful, fully-informed decisions supported
massive amounts of fast-changing data.
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and Stream Processing

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