Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve 46mm Review

Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve 46mm Review

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The Mi Watch Revolve comes in two elegant variants which make sure you stand out from the gang . The (46mm) chrome steel frames & AMOLED displays make’s for an outsized , vivid Reading’s even under bright day light. It also comes with Smart Always-on-Display that permits your display to remain on all day long except when the watch is off your wrist. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is scratch-resistant to make sure you stay stylish even in tough conditions.




As the world gets tougher, you get fitter. Firstbeat is one among the world’s leading providers of physiological data for sports and wellness. With the Firstbeat algorithm, track your health indicators even as elite athletes and leading sports teams across the planet do. The watch employs their proprietary algorithm to supply rich, user-friendly and actionable feedback. Study key metrics analyzed deeply to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing.

VO2 Max

This is the defining measures off cardiorespiratory health & overalls fitness. VO2 max is defined because the maximum oxygen consumed at maximum effort. Assess your score using the watch in real-time during aerobics and determine the way to improve your fitness levels.

Heart Rate Variability

This monitor the interval between consecutive heart beats to getting information on your heart health & opens a windows to a spread of other fitness indicators an vitals.

Body Energy Monitoring

Estimated the energy gained & lost through out the day and plan you’re body resources better. Energy is measured employing a combination of sleep, workouts, daily activities & pulse variability.

Stress Management

The algorithm studies your Autonomic systema nervosum (ANS) to work out your stress levels accurately through the day and negates the physical effects of workouts on your score. Track your score and measure it’s distribution through the day, week or more to raised manage your wellbeing

Sleep Analysis

Access your daily sleep score to live your distribution of REM and Non-REM sleep, switching levels between them and more. Tracks your sleep score too adequately alter your habit & replenish your body energy & resourced.





Mi Watch Revolve comes with 10professional sports modes for your daily fitness needs.


A Battery


Made to last for up to 2 weeks* straight on one charge. Plug the USB cable to a dual pin magnetic charger and top up your watch off to make sure that you simply never need to make a stop.




Go for a pleasant swim or a dive* within the ocean without a worry. The Mi watch revolve come with 5-ATM water resistances. Now hit the water any time you would likes .

A Face For


Access a spread of watch faces for all of your moods and designs . With the Mi Watch Revolve, you get to settle on from 100+ watch faces to precise every side of you.



With 5 different strap options, wrap things up a la mode . choose from neptune blue, space black, astral olive, cloud maroon and a midnight black in leathers also . Now wear a color for each occasion.

We’ve got 


Beyond fitness & health, the mi watch revolve also focuses on your daily life style drivers. There’s a number of features for you’ll anticipate to and round off your every need and accessorise a la mode .

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The mi watch revolve pair with the all new xiaomi wears apps also called xiaomi wear lite on iOS. Here you’ll access all of your workout summaries, Firstbeat Algorithm scores, set notification alerts, watch faces and much more. Choose and control everything you would like with one click

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